35-year leadership in conversion systems producing solar energy, with 6 GW installed capacity. Enertronica Santerno offers a wide range of solutions meeting any requirements: from single-phase equipment for small-sized plants, up to 45 kW, to 3-phase equipment for medium-sized plants from 10 kW to 500 kW, to modular integrated Sunway Conversion Units for utility-scale plants. Junction boxes of the Sunway String Box series are also available to complete the product range.

Thanks to its established know-how, Santerno internally defines and designs power electronics, mechanical components, embedded software and control algorithms for its products. Modular design is adopted for maximum flexibility when implementing custom solutions. Each individual Santerno solution is compliant with local and regional regulations for exploitation on a global level.

Backed by the experience acquired in the field of industrial automation, Santerno solar inverters ensure high uptime, top efficiency and service costs reduced to a minimum. The key to Santerno’s success is the proven reliability of its products, which are oriented to maximum robustness by design, along with best-in-class components and full quality controls across the production chain, meeting the strictest international requirements.

A global network and comprehensive support for pre-sales and after-sales services ensure the best assistance to our Clients. Real-time plant data and insights are made available to the users, who can check the status and productivity of their assets at any time, even for each individual string.