Meteo Center

Meteo Center

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Control unit monitoring environmental conditions for PV plant operation

Meteo Center is the ideal complementary accessory to the Sunway TG and Sunway Skid solutions, allowing constant monitoring of the environmental conditions of medium-sized plants and utility-scale plants.

Designed to operate with the greatest reliability and accuracy in the most diverse weather conditions, the Meteo Center unit may be equipped with a set of customisable sensors, yet ensuring seamless integration both into Santerno remote monitoring systems and into third-party systems.

The local historical data accessible either via FTP or web interface ensure data storage and accessibility even in case of monitoring system downtime.

Weather data logger for PV systems
Continuous detection of the weather parameters for the plant efficiency
Sensors complying with the WMO (World Meteorological Organization)
Pyranometer, Class 1 ISO9060
PT100 air temperature sensor, class 1/3 DIN EN 60751
High-precision wind speed and wind direction sensor
High-efficiency, low consumption data logging control unit featuring MODBUS-RTU interface
Protection against electromagnetic disturbance for maximum data reliability
High data logging capacity

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