Energy Storage & Smart Grid

When Santerno was founded in 1970, the world of Industrial Automation was experiencing a transitional stage, based on power electronics, that led to the emergence of innovative products, such as motor drives. Santerno paved the way for this.

Today we are about to live a new revolution in power electronics – the origin of Smart Grids and Energy Storage. Santerno paved the way for this as well. Santerno boasts application primacies in the Industrial Automation and Energy industries.

The integration of different sources of renewable energy, such as wind and solar energy, in a prosumer environment, is challenging energy systems at a global level. Grid activities shall be managed to tackle extremely unstable energy generation as well as multi-directional energy flows.

Enertronica Santerno makes energy smart by integrating energy intelligence into the supply chain and by shaping energy delivery, which is managed by smart systems regulating efficiency and costs. In that way, it can ensure that grids are not only flexible and reliable, but also safe and tailored to customers’ needs.