Remote SUNWAY™ Software

Software Remote Sunway™

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Interface software for the Sunway TG product range

The Remote Sunway™ software enables interfacing a computer directly to Santerno products to implement advanced configuration, data logging and diagnostics. Graphic functionality, periodic queries and automatic data logging make the Remote Sunway™ software the fundamental tool for on-site servicing by qualified technicians, both during commissioning and during scheduled/unscheduled maintenance.

Remote control:
– Remote measurement (user-configurable)
– Remote configuration/commands

– On-line data available from FTP site

Remote monitoring of the alarms tripped:
– E-mail sent in case of event fired (user-configurable)
– SMS sent in case of event fired (user-configurable)

Remote assistance:
– Remote diagnostics
– E-mail sent in case of communications failure (user-configurable)
– Assistance “within 72 hours”
– String Box supervision
– Value measurement and anti-theft system via array cabinet
– E-mail sent in case of event fired (user-configurable).

The supervisor system controls additional peripherals (if any), such as LED display, display monitor, auxiliary sensors, environmental sensors.

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