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ES851 is a micro datalogger to be installed inside the inverter and allowing monitoring up to N.5 inverters and N.5 Sunway Smart String Boxes connected via RS485 trunk line.
The datalogger dialogues with external devices such as the SCADA and the RTU via the Modbus protocol and allows sending data to Santerno portals to perform remote monitoring functionality.

Robust and reliable
Industrial temperature range

Stored logs and events
Data are sorted by day and stored to Excel spreadsheets

Log download
Log download available via the Remote Sunway or the Remote Drive application software

Data export
The data logged by the connected devices are exported in real time via Modbus TCP protocol

Communications gateway
One access only allows communicating directly with the connected devices

Remote assistance
Secure connections to the Santerno Cloud for assistance, diagnostics and remote operativity

Remote monitoring
Data are sent to SunwayPortal and Hydrofast, Santerno Cloud applications dedicated to remote monitoring for PV solutions and industrial solutions respectively

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