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Penta Marine

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Supply voltages and power range

Voltage class 2T
200 to 240Vac or 280 to 340Vdc (-15%, +10%)
3 to 260kW

Voltage class 4T
380 to 500Vac or 530 to 705Vdc (-15%, +10%)
4.5 to 1270kW

Voltage class 5T
500 to 600Vac or 705 to 845Vdc (-15%, +10%)
4 to 1460kW

Voltage class 6T
575 to 690Vac or 815 to 970Vdc (-15%, +10%)
5.5 to 1750kW

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Compact, multi-purpose, high-performing inverter for:
– Three-phase asynchronous motors
– Three-phase synchronous motors

– Robust and reliable design, ensuring resistance to vibrations, heat and humidity, the typical conditions on platforms and aboard ships
– May be installed offshore and onshore
– Fully made of steel
– Wide range of operating temperature with no derating: -10°C to 55°C
– Tropicalized boards (conformal coating)
– Overload up to 200% for 2 minutes every 20 minutes or 1 minute every 10min (depending on the drive model)
– Peak current up to 240% for 3 seconds
– Input frequency: 50-60Hz
– Integrated RS485 serial port, MODBUS RTU communications protocol
– Wide range of integrated protection features
– Output frequency adjustment from 0 to 599Hz (up to 1000Hz on demand)
– Degree of protection IP00, IP20, IP54
– Parallel configuration also available
– Smart cooling system – Through-panel assembly for the segregation of the servoventilation channels
– SINUS PENTA CABINET/BOX in electrical cabinet also available
– Compatible with TN-S, TN-C, TN-CS and TT networks Compatibility with IT networks available on demand
– Manufactured with top quality materials, totally Made in Italy
– Integrate d Safe Torque Off (STO) function, Sil3 and EN ISO 13849-1, PL-d
– Certification: CE, DNV
– Compatible with the Easy Harmonics software computing harmonic current damping
– Compatible with the “REMOTE DRIVE” software for the remote control of the device

One product, 5 control modes:
– IFD (Inverter Frequency Drive): vector modulation function for general-purpose applications (V/f pattern).
– VTC (Vector Torque Control): sensorless vector function for high-torque performance applications.
– FOC (Field Oriented Control): vector function with encoder for high torque accuracy and wide speed range.
– SYN (Synchronous): vector function for brushless PMSMs featuring high torque accuracy and high energy efficiency.
– RGN (Regenerative): regenerative sinusoidal AC/DC power supply unit, PF =1, for direct power supply of a series of drives.

Outstanding programming flexibility for each specific industrial application
– Smart Voltage Control now available: innovative algorithm hindering DC voltage increase with no need to apply external braking resistors.
– Open-loop speed accuracy: ±0.5% of max. speed. Closed-loop speed accuracy(with encoder): <0.01% of max. speed.

N.4 overload classes
– Light: up to 120% for 60s every 10 minutes or for 120s every 20 minutes – Ipeak up to 144% for 3s (depending on the model)
– Standard: up to 140% every 10 minutes or for 120s every 20 minutes – Ipeak up to 168% for 3s (ddepending on the model)
– Heavy: up to 175% for 60s every 10 minutes or for 120s every 20 minutes – Ipeak up to 210% for 3s (depending on the model)
– Strong: up to 200% every 10 minutes or for 120s every 20 minutes – Ipeak up to 240% for 3s (depending on the model)

Most part of encoders are connected directly to the control board, with no need to connect optional boards for the FOC mode
– Autocalibration of the motor parameter tuning
– Advanced connectivity for the integration of a wide range of field buses.
– Extensive range of STANDARD I/Os

The following configuration options may be integrated into the product:

– Breaking unit: configuration with braking unit integrated up to size S32 included. An external braking unit is available for sizes greater than S32.
– EMC Filter: Product version featuring integrated input filters in compliance with EN61800-3 2nd ed. In that case, the product ID is differentiated by suffix A1, A2, B. The integrated filters limit disturbance within the allowable ranges.
– Degree of protection IP54: Models with degree of protection IP54 available up to size S32 included (220kW).
– Operating devices: Set of operating devices on the front door, including a potentiometer, a mushroom-head push-button and a key-operated selector switch. Available for IP54 models only.

– Sinus Penta Parallel, configuration in parallel of 2 or 3 drives to control a single motor; available for size S41, S42, S51, S52. Benefits given by this solution: lower cost; improved stock management—the product may be modified for the connection in parallel by way of a special kit available on demand; easier repairings/replacement; space-saving.
– 12-pulse or 18-pulse power supply: from size S41 up, power supply may be 12-pulse/18-pulse to reduce the current harmonic contents in the power supply line.
– The PENTA MARINE drive in Regenerative configuration enables bidirectional interface with the mains, with power factor = 1 (true AFE application). Its true sine wave also enables dramatically reducing the THD below 5% and obtaining THDV = 0.
– Extensive range of external accessories: input and output filters, encoder, resolver, braking resistors, etc.

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