Custom Sinus Penta Cabinet/Box

Custom Sinus Penta Cabinet/Box

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Custom solution for SINUS PENTA drives in electrical cabinet for:
– Three-phase asynchronous motors
– Three-phase synchronous motors
– Sinusoidal current regenerative AFE from 3 kW a 3000kW

The drives of the SINUS PENTA line may be supplied already mounted in a cabinet or box that can come with different custom options.

– Cabinet featuring degree of protection ranging from IP24 to IP54
– Box IP54 version available for wall-mounting up to 90kW power ratings
– Input three-pole switch equipped with fast fuses
– Input 3-pole MCCB
– Input AC1 3-pole contactor
– Operating devices on cabinet front panel, key-operated selector switch
– LOCAL/REMOTE control and EMERGENCY push-button
– Input inductors
– Output inductors on motor side
– Additional terminal board for in/out cables
– Output ferrite
– Servoventilation power supply circuit (S65)
– Braking unit for sizes >= S41
– Internal anticondensation heater
– PT100 probe for motor temperature control
– Backlit display keypad on cabinet front panel
– Custom solutions

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