CU400 clamping unit for DCREG4

CU400 clamping unit for DCREG4

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The DCREG, the thyristor converter by Santerno, may be used to power supply high inductive loads, such as electromagnets.
The application issues due to this type of load have been fixed by a control algorithm specifically developed for DCREG4 converters.


The special algorithm implemented in the DCREG4 allows fixing application issues due to a ohmic resistor series-connected to a high value inductor. The CU400 protects the DCREG4 against overvoltages generated when the magnet current conduction mesh unexpectedly opens. When this happens, the energy accumulated in the magnet is “absorbed” and stored to a RC-type clamping circuit internal to the CU400: overvoltage is limited by a capacitor and dissipated by a resistor.
To ensure efficient clamping functionality, the CU400 unit must be connected directly to the DC side of the converter.

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