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Product range:
Rated current: 100A to 1000A
Power supply voltage range: 2300Vac to 13800Vac (15000Vac on demand)
Control circuit power supply: 120Vac

SCR overload:
Up to 125% – Continuous
Up to 500% – 60 seconds
Up to 600% – 30 seconds

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Soft start/stop static starters
Medium Voltage

– Version ASAMV – E3: product featuring degree of protection IP54, bypass contactor and line contactor
– Version ASAMV – E2: product featuring degree of protection IP54, bypass contactor, circuit breaker, fuses and line contactor
– N.3 types of motor starting (Constant Current, Current Ramp, Torque Control)
– Stop (soft stop, pump control profiles, automatic stop)
– Operating temperature 0 to +40°C (optionally -20 to +40°C)
– Protection: overvoltage and undervoltage, supply frequency out of range, incorrect phase sequence, short-circuited SCR, motor overload (thermal model), instant overcurrent, undercurrent, current imbalance, excess start time, power circuit trip, auxiliary trip
– Integrated RS485 serial port, MODBUS RTU communications protocol
– User interface: 2-line x 20 chars LCD display, Start-Stop-Reset-Local/Remote buttons, state indicator LED, trip log (latest 99 trips including tripping date and time), counters (number of starts, hours run, kWh), measurements (current, voltage, power factor, kWh), programming of viewable measurements, multilevel password protection
– Certification: UL, CE, EN61000-6-4, EN61000-6-2
– Compatible with the “REMOTE DRIVE” software for the remote control of the device

– Excitation device for synchronous motor
– RTD interface
– PT100 interface
– Communications modules: Profibus, DeviceNet, EtherNet/IP, Profinet, Modbus TCP
– Anticondensation heater
– Emergency relay for bypass overload
– Kirk key
– Ground short-circuit protection

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