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Mains power supply:
200 to 440Vac ±10%
200 to 575Vac ±10%

Control circuit power supply:
110 to 240Vac (+10%/-15%)
380 to 440Vac (+10%/-15%)
24Vac/Vdc (± 20%)

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Low voltage soft starters for three-phase asynchronous motors

The ASAC is an advanced digital solution for the soft starting of motors ranging from 4.5kW to 160kW. Static soft starters ASAC by Santerno ensure reliable control of the soft start and stop of three-phase motors. The ASAC soft starter series comes with two product lines: ASAC-0 for motor soft starting and ASAC-1 for advanced control of complete starting of motor protection

– Compact size
– Integrated bypass contactor. This allows the ASAC soft starters to be installed in a cabinet without any cooling system and with no need to install an external bypass contactor
– Allowable max. overload up to 400% of the rated current
– Degree of protection IP20/IP00
– N.6 signalling functions: Power Supply Loss, Soft Starter Ready, Soft Starter Fault, Motor Stopped, Motor Running at Max. Speed, Motor Starting/Stopping
– Local reset
– Models for different types of motor connections
– Certification: CE, EAC, UL and RCM
– Compatible with the “REMOTE DRIVE” software for the remote control of the device

N.3 Adjusting Modes: Initial starting voltage, Soft starting ramp duration, Soft stopping ramp duration
N.3 Trips: Power section, Supply frequency, Communications
N.2 Digital inputs: Start, Stop
N.1 Relay output: Line contactor relay

N.8 Adjusting Modes: Motor Full Load Current (FLC), Current Ramp, Current Limit, Motor Trip Class, Soft Stopping duration, Excess Start Time, Phase Sequence Protection, Auxiliary Relay Function
N.8 Trips: Power Section, Supply Frequency, Communications, Excess Start Time, Motor Overload, Motor Thermistor, Phase Imbalance, Phase Sequence
N.3 Digital inputs: Start, Stop, Motor Thermal Probe
N.2 Relay outputs: Line Contactor Relay, Programmable Relay

– Communications modules. Available communications protocols: Ethernet (Profinet, Modbus TCP, Ethernet/IP), Profibus, DeviceNet, Modbus RTU and USB.
– Remote operator
– Finger guard kit

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