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Mains power supply:
380 Vac to 600 Vac ± 10% (in-line or inside-delta connection)
380 Vac to 690 Vac ± 10% (only with grounded star point installation)

Control circuit power supply:
110 to 120 Vac (+10%/-15%)
220 to 240 Vac (+10%/-15%)
24 Vac/Vdc ±20%

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High performance Soft Starter for low-voltage three-phase asynchronous motors

The ASAB is an advanced digital solution for the soft starting of motors ranging from 7.5kW to 800kW. The ASAB soft starters provide a complete range of protection functionality for motors and industrial plants, ensuring reliable and high efficiency performance in the most complex applications requiring motor soft starting/stopping. In addition to the Constant Current and Current Ramp starting/stopping, the ASAB implements the Adaptive Acceleration Control function featuring three different starting/stopping profiles to fulfil the requirements of any application.

– Short-circuited SCR function
– Advanced motor overload protection
– Emergency mode
– Autoreset function
– Jog operation
– Double parameter set
– Adaptive Acceleration Control
– Soft braking of high inertia load
– Timer function
– Pump control
– Measurement and monitoring

Models fitting any connection requirements
– 23A to 1600A (nominal)
– Version available with internal bypass up to 1000A
– In-line or inside delta connection (autodetection)
– Different starting and stopping options
– AAC – Adaptive Acceleration Control
– Constant Current
– Current Ramp
– Timed Voltage Ramp Soft Stop
– DC Brake
– Inputs and outputs
– Remote control inputs (3 x fixed, 1 x programmable)
– Relay outputs (3 x programmable)
– Analog output
– Communications modules (optional): DeviceNet, Modbus, Profibus, Ethernet (Ethernet/IP, Modbus TCP, Profinet) or USB
– Easy to read display featuring complete feedback
– Different state views and performance graphs
– Event log including date and time of the event fired
– Operating counters (number of starts, hours run, kWh)
– Performance monitoring (current, voltage, power factor, kWh)
– Multilanguage display and user-programmable monitoring view
– Customisable protection
– Motor overload
– Excess start time
– Undercurrent
– Instant overcurrent
– Current imbalance
– Mains frequency
– Input trip
– Motor thermistor
– Power supply circuit
– Phase sequence

– Communications modules. Available communications protocols: Ethernet (Profinet, Modbus TCP, Ethernet/IP), Profibus, DeviceNet, Modbus RTU and USB
– Remote Control Panel (RCP)
– Finger guard kit

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