Since its creation, Enertronica Santerno has focused on generating the conditions in which is central the respect for and protection of its employees and stakeholders in general, but also of the environment and quality.

These are still the key principles on which Enertronica Santerno is founded, maintaining its dedication to providing a positive and safe environment for workers, safeguarding it through the development of regenerative technologies and applications intended to reduce energy consumption and improving the quality of internal processes aimed at encouraging customer satisfaction for the products and services provided (proven by the achievement of the certification ISO 9001) as well as the continuous improvement of business performance.

The commitment to sustainability and respect for the environment are key components of the essence of Enertronica Santerno. These principles are concretely reflected in the company’s dedication to the development of regenerative technologies and applications aimed at energy saving and are validated by the achievement of internationally recognized certifications including ISO 14001.