Supply framework agreement for a value of around € 6 million, has been signed

Enertronica Santerno S.p.A. (“Enertronica Santerno” or “Company”), a company listed on AIM Italian market, multilateral system of trade organized and managed by the Italian Stock Exchange (“AIM Italy”), announces that it has signed with a leading operator in renewable energy, a framework agreement for the sale of spare parts and components for maintenance and revamping of Photovoltaic Inverters and Power Stations, produced by Enertronica Santerno.

The territorial scope of the contract concerns Countries such as Italy, Greece, Romania, Spain, South Africa, USA, Brazil, Panama and Chile.
The contract is of particular relevance to Company as it fits between the long term business activities that reinforce the Outlook’s future Company and a further confirmation that the worldwide installed base, wich by the end of the year will reach the 6,5 GW. This kind of agreement represents a permanent business
committement for the Group.

The total value of the supply is approximately equal to € 6 million over the next three years and the corresponding annual distribution could currently be assumed to be constant for each year starting from 2022. The contract ensures a margin in line with other contracts.