Sunway™ TG 1000V TE

Sunway TG 1000V TE

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Three-phase solar inverters with rated output power ranging from 590kVA to 1400 kVA

Designed for utility-scale solar farms, the Sunway TG inverters offer top-range technology ensuring maximum power density, reliability and operativity. The Sunway TG product range allows optimum configuration of medium-sized and utility-scale PV ground plants, reducing plant costs to a minimum and ensuring maximum efficiency.

– Extremely high conversion efficiency with single power conversion stage optimized to reduce losses to a minimum.
– Modular structure and power station industrialization for maximum reliability and easy access to all components, ensuring easy maintenance and repairability with no need to stop the inverter.
– Interactive mains features: LVRT, reactive power control, frequency feedback and voltage feedback control in compliance with the most advanced European standards.
– Integrated DC-side protection via shunt trip.
– Integrated protection against DC-side miswiring.
– Integrated DC insulation active monitoring (AC insulation monitoring available as an option).
– Integrated AC-side protection with automatic disconnector.
– Integration with the SunwayPortal for accessing production data via the Internet. Remote monitoring and control via standard SCADA systems.
– Modbus integrated to RS485 and TCP-IP over Ethernet data connection.
– Integrated inputs for environmental sensors.
– Compatible with PV modules requiring ground connection of one pole (positive or negative pole – optional).
– Integrated energy counter (optional).
– In-line measurement of the conversion efficiency (optional).
– AEEG 84/12 (CEI 0-16) compliant

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