Sunway™ Bridge

Sunway™ Bridge

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Bridge helps you interconnect systems, machines and data to obtain monitoring applications easily and quickly. All data logged are stored to the integrated storage system and made available to the user for download in Excel format. Bridge has been designed to be integrated into Santerno Cloud monitoring systems, such as SunwayPortal and, for the remote control of the connected plants and a secure and reliable connectivity for remote assistance. All data logged are instantly made available to the user via standard protocols for immediate and seamless integration with third-party monitoring systems.

Robust and reliable
Fanless, solid state disc

Web interface
You just a need an Internet browser to configure and view the plant data, both in tabular and in graphical format

Data auto refresh
Data are automatically updated with the refresh function configurable up to maximum 64 devices (1000 tags)

Stored logs and events
Data are sorted by day and stored to Excel spreadsheets

Log download
Instant log via USB stick and FTP client

Data export
The data logged by the devices are exported in real time via standard protocols, such as Modbus TCP, MQTT and api REST

Communications gateway
One access only allows communicating directly with the connected devices

Remote assistance
Secure connections to the Santerno Cloud for assistance, diagnostics and remote operativity

Monitoring via
All the devices send data to, the Santerno Cloud application dedicated to remote monitoring

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