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Sign up for the newsletter and stay updated on products. encompasses the concepts of Industry 4.0, being as smart production and smart services allow cooperation among operators, machines and tools while considering energy requirements, thus obtaining increasingly performing systems and energy saving.
The site is designed to monitor and control diverse energy fields, not only the interconnection between each device and the operator.
We are constantly searching for innovative and technological solutions to improve our activities and reduce the cost/benefit ratio, always having special consideration for our renewable future.

– Real-time monitoring:
Real-time monitoring allows constantly viewing the whole plant

– Alarms:
Automatic and customizable alarms are entered and displayed to keep you constantly informed of any fault occurring in the plant

– Historical data:
Historical data ensure specific analysis via efficient graphs
You may interact with your device in a secure and selective way wherever you are at any time

– Synoptic diagram:
A plant diagram constantly keeps track of the operating conditions of the components. Each variation is assigned an ID and a colour depicting the situation in real-time

– Not only Santerno systems:
IoT protocols, such as MQTT, are used to monitor your plants and manage any type of data in real time, also for devices that are not Santerno branded

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