Power Plant Controller

Power Plant Controller

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Advanced control unit in the POI

The Power Plant Controller by Elettronica Santerno, resulting from Santerno experience gained at the international level, is the turnkey solution for the implementation of the advanced functions of power control in the point of interconnection (POI), as required by the grid codes worldwide.

The product, installed in the point of interconnection of the plant to the grid, allows dynamically regulating the active power and the reactive power in medium-sized and utility-scale plants; it also allows automatic control of the communications with all the power generators in the plant. The power control modes range from simple tracking of the active power, reactive power or power factor references—that can be adjusted in real time by the owner of the plant or the TSO—to adjustment of the grid voltage in the point of interconnection.

The product integrates a control unit, a touchscreen display, a power supply unit and a digital meter that can interface with external voltage sensors and current sensors. The integrated meter may be bypassed to be connected directly to external meters, if installed. All the devices above are integrated into a compact enclosure for the easiest installation.

The Ethernet connectivity, the integrated web interface and the possibility of accessing all data and parameters both locally and remotely reduce configuration times during startup to a minimum and make the Power Plant Controller the ultimate device for the control and monitoring of PV plant operation.

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