Solardrive Plus

Solardrive Plus

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Output power range: 3 to 315 kW
PV voltage range: 400 to 1000 V
MPPT Range: 550 to 900 V
Operating temperatures: -10 to +50 °C
Degree of protection: IP54

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Compact, multi-purpose, high-performing inverter for:
– Three-phase asynchronous motors
– Three-phase synchronous motors

– Inverter for pumping applications exploiting solar energy
– Direct connection to the PV field
– Smart MPPT function
– Level control and pressure control
– Dedicated functions: Pipe Fill control, Dry Run control, Pressure Loss control, etc.
– Complete solution in Box/Cabinet equipped with disconnect switch, fuse-protected direct connection to the PV arrays and output inductor protecting the pump
– Automatic switching to AC power supply when no solar radiation is detected
– Options: isolation loss control, overvoltage protection, dedicated remote monitoring service

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