Sinus S

Sinus S

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Supply voltages and power range

Voltage class 4T
Three-phase power supply 380 to 480 Vac (-15%/+10%) 0.37 to 37 kW

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Modular and compact drive for most demanding applications
– AC three phase induction motor (with and without speed sensor)
– PM synchronous motors

The different control modes allow to optimize the performance of electric motors applied to quadratic, linear, inertial and gravitational loads. SINUS S are easily interfaceable with most PLC and automation systems thanks to the wide range of field buses.

– Flexible I/O (Standard I/O & Application I/O); inputs are PNP/NPN configurable.
– Removal terminal blocks to facilitate the connections of cables.
– Internal and external +24 V supply – Side by side installation (Zero clearance mounting)
– Integrated EMC filter (for TT, TN, IT networks): C1, C2 or C3 Category (EN61800-3), depending on models and motor cable length.
– EMC shield for signal cables on the control unit.
– DC BUS terminals available for Energy Sharing applications
– Built-in dynamic braking unit – Dedicated PTC input for motor thermal protection
– HEAVY DUTY overload: 200% for 3 s – 150% for 60 s
– LIGHT DUTY overload: 120% for 60 s
– Wide operational temperature range: -10°C up to 55°C
– Compliant to RoHS2, CE, EAC, UL standards.

– Standard I/O control unit with integrated FIELD BUS: CANopen, Modbus RTU, Profibus, EtherCAT, Profinet, Ethernet-IP, Modbus TCP
– Diagnostic and programming module to PC via USB/WLAN and new REMOTE SINUS software tool
– LCD display/keypad with EASY NAVIGATION functionality
– Cabinet front door remotable LCD display/keypad thanks to IP65 Kit
– Safety Torque Off (STO). SIL 3 class (EN 61800-5-2), PL “e” level (ISO 13849-1) – EMC shield for power cables connections
– Three phase input inductances
– RFI filters
– Output sinusoidal filters
– Braking resistors

– Control methods: V/f open loop (VFC), V/f closed loop (VFC closed loop), Sensorless Vector Control (SLVC), Servo Control closed loop (SC-ASM) and Sensorless Permanent Magnet Motor Control (SLPSM).
– Integrated PLC function (SEQUENCER) up to 8 programmable sequences of 16 steps each.
– Energy Saving function (VFEco).
– “Favorite” parameters menu on the Display/Keypad.
– Integrated ANTI-SWAY algorithm to reduce the oscillation of gravitational loads during horizontal movements.
– Built in Encoder input for closed loop control (VFC closed loop) and (SC-ASM). – Selectable rotary/standstill electric motor auto-tuning, it makes the installation easier and faster.
– Speed loop auto-tuning.

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