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Supply voltages and power ranges

4T Voltage Class
Three-phase supply 380 ÷ 500 Vac (-15%/+10%) 110 ÷ 710 kW

6T Voltage Class
Three-phase supply 575 ÷ 690 Vac (-15%/+10%) 200 ÷ 1240 kW

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“Turnkey” solution for floor installation

SINUS PENTA XT extends the range of the SINUS PENTA line while maintaining high configurability to the requirements necessary to satisfy applications on machines and systems.

SINUS PENTA XT is the result of an innovative design that allows you to make the most of all the potential of the drives of the SINUS PENTA line.

SINUS PENTA XT is available for IP21 and IP54 floor mounting solutions, ready to use with minimal dimensions for easy, optimized, simple and cost-effective integration.

The same drive controls both three-phase asynchronous and synchronous permanent magnet motors (with and without speed feedback).

  • Compact design adaptable to customer needs
  • Intuitive and multi-language control panel
  • Easy access connection terminal block and internal cable tray available to the customer
  • Cooling by means of separate ventilation channels
    • Front-channel: dissipation of the control section of the drive
    • Back-channel: dissipation of the power section of the drive
  • Zero clearance (side-by-side mounting)
  • Three front door control modes:
    • 0 = BASIC
    • S = START/STOP
    • F = FULL
  • Three input protective devices:
    • SF = Switch + Fuses 65 kA
    • CB = Circuit Breaker 10 kA
    • BF = Breaker + Fuses 65 kA
  • Harmonic filter on the line input
  • High efficiency filter (dV/dt) on the motor output
  • PT100 motor reading
  • Control and protection of space heaters (both cabinet and motor)
  • Control and protection of motor ventilation
  • Cabinet temperature monitoring
  • Power meter measurements (power, current, voltage, power factor, etc …)
  • RFI output filters
  • Communication protocols boards (fieldbus)
  • Angle sensor boards (encoder, resolver, etc…)
  • I/O expansion boards

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