Sinus MV

Sinus MV

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Product range
Rated current: 40 A to 1250 A
Voltage range: 3300 Vac to 11000 Vac
Motor power range: 180 kW to 20 MW

Overload capability: 120% 2 minutes
Instantaneous over-current protection: 150% protects immediately (or customized)

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Inverters for Medium Voltage Asynchronous Motors and Synchronous Motors
The SINUS MV is a Variable Frequency Drive for use with Medium Voltage Motors, both Asynchronous and Synchronous.

– Environment temperature: 5 to 45 °C.
– Output frequency range: 0 to 80 Hz.
– Input power factor: 0.96 or better. No need for Power factor correction capacitors.
– High efficiency: > 95%, including input transformer (> 98% for VFD only).
– Very low harmonics reflected on grid (< 5% of total current at full load). Achieved with 18-24-36-54 pulse configuration. Compliant with IEEE 519.
– Very low harmonics reflected on motor (<2.5%). Achieved with Multi-level topology. Suitable for standard motors and retrofits.
– Voltage-source inverter technology with PWM control. Stable, mature and proven technology. IGBT used as devices for inverter section. Fiber-optics provide 100% safe isolation and safety. Very high emission immunity.
– Built in dry-type transformer. Multi-pulse operation achieved by phase shifted secondary windings. Secondary windings electrically isolated from one another.
– Air cooling. Water cooling for currents > 600 A.
– Easy to communicate with VFD using ModBus RTU (standard) on RS485.
– 10 inch HMI touch screen, supporting multi languages.
– CE certified.

– Synchronous transfer switch function, realize “no disturb” motor switch between grid and VFD, reduce the impact to equipment and grid.
– Regenerative drive, allowing energy flow in both directions – grid to motor or motor to grid. Adapts the product to be applied to 4-quadrant loads.
– Profibus DP, Industrial Ethernet, Devicenet communication boards.

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