Iris Blue

Iris Blue

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Supply voltages and power range 

Voltage class 2T
200 to 240 Vac (-15%, +10%) 3 to 132kW

Voltage class 4T
380 to 480 Vac (-15%, +10%) 4.5 to 300kW

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Drives controlling three-phase asynchronous motors, specifically designed for water treatment, fans and compressors

Energy efficiency, robustness, custom solutions and a complete range of accessories to obtain reliable and performing systems: these are the strong points of the IRIS BLUE drives fitting HVAC and WATER TREATMENT applications, COMPRESSORS and FANS.

The drives of the IRIS BLUE series come with two speed control modes for three-phase asynchronous motors: V/f and VTC (Vector Torque Control). Those control modes are user-selectable and ensure optimum performance in terms of accuracy and energy saving for each specific industrial application.

– Keypad remoting kit
– IP21 kit
– Three-phase input inductors
– Output inductors (DU/DT filters)
– Sine filters
– Through-panel assembly kit for the separation of the air flow for power section cooling
– Output ferrites
– Custom cabinet
– Dedicated remote monitoring service

– Integrated control methods: V/f, Vector Torque Control
– Fully made of steel
– User-friendly: easy navigation menus and parameters preconfigured for the most common applications
– Wide range of operating temperature with no derating: -10°C to 55°C
– Tropicalized boards (conformal coating)
– Overload up to 120% for 1 minute every 10 minutes or 2 minutes every 20 minutes (depending on the drive model)
– Peak current up to 144% for 3 seconds
– Input frequency: 50-60 Hz
– Version with type A2 EMC filter available (SECOND ENVIRONMENT, Category C3)
– Output frequency adjustment from 0 to 599Hz (up to 1000Hz on demand)
– Integrated RS485 port with Modbus RTU protocol up to 38400 bps
– Advanced connectivity for the integration of a wide range of field buses
– Degree of protection IP00, IP20, IP54
– IRIS BLUE CABINET/BOX in electrical cabinet also available
– Manufactured with top quality materials, totally Made in Italy
– Dedicated remote monitoring service
– Integrated Safe Torque Off (STO) function, Sil3 and EN ISO 13849-1, PL-d
– Certification: CE, RCM
– Compatible with the Easy Harmonics software computing harmonic current damping
– Compatible with the “REMOTE DRIVE” software for the remote control of the device

– Pipe Fill control
– Dry Run control
– Pressure Loss control
– Multi-motor control (Multi-pump/-fan/-compressor)
– Power Down
– Speed Search
– Measurement of the energy delivered to the motor (kWh)
– Motor operation time counter
– Autocalibration of the motor parameters tuning

The following configuration options may be integrated into the product: – EMC Filter: Product version featuring integrated input filters in compliance with EN61800-3 2nd ed. In that case, the product ID is differentiated by suffix A1, A2, B. The integrated filters limit disturbance within the allowable ranges – Degree of protection IP54: Models with degree of protection IP54 available up to size S32 included (220kW) – Operating devices: Set of operating devices on the front door, including a potentiometer, a mushroom-head push-button and a key-operated selector switch. Available for IP54 models only

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