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Control circuit power supply:
380 to 500 Vac single-phase (-20%, +10%)
24 Vdc (-10%, +15%)

Maximum armature power supply:
440Vac / 500Vac / 600Vac / 690Vac

Maximum field power supply:
200 to 500Vac

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Drives for DC motors, applications with electromagnets and other DC loads
– Two-quadrant DCREG2
– Four-quadrant DCREG4

The DCREG devices are fully digital control AC/DC converters supplying DC motors armature circuit and field circuit to obtain speed control or torque control, featuring 4-quadrant operation for DCREG4, or 2-quadrant operation for DCREG2.

Te DCREG, the thyristor converter by Santerno, may be used to power supply high inductive loads, such as electromagnets. The application issues due to this type of load have been fixed by a control algorithm specifically developed for DCREG4 converters

– Integrated digital potentiometer
– Local control via keypad
– Insensitivity to phase sequence (easier connection to the plant)
– Independent power supply between the control section and the power section
– N.8 programmable inputs
– N.4 programmable analog inputs 0-±10Vdc, 0(4)-20mA
– Double encoder input
– N.5 programmable relay outputs
– Auxiliary voltages 24Vdc, ±10Vdc, 5Vdc
– N.1 speed analog output ±10Vdc
– N.1 current analog output ±10Vdc
– N.2 programmable analog outputs 0-±10Vdc, 0(4)-20 mA
– EMC compliance EN61800-3 ed. 2 second environment, category C3, EN55011 gr.2 class A
– Certification: CE, EAC and UL (up to model DCREGX.350)
– Compatible with the “REMOTE DRIVE” software for the remote control of the device

– Tacho generator, encoder, armature feedback
– Automatic switching of the armature feedback in case of tacho/encoder failure (greater operation safety)
– Current and speed autotuning (reduces fault occurrence and the installation time)
– Field autotuning (reduces fault occurrence and the installation time)
– Integrated field converter (operation at constant torque or constant power)
– Field current saving (reduces field current when the motor is stopped)
– Field boost (increases motor starting torque)
– Predictive control (increases dynamic responsiveness of the motor)
– Integrated multimeter
– Speed multiramps
– S ramps
– Dual speed loop with regulator
– Stepped control or hyperbolic control of the current limit
– N.7 speed levels
– JOG commands
– Alarm autoreset
– Timed digital outputs

The CU400 protects the DCREG4 against overvoltage generated when the magnet current conduction mesh unexpectedly opens. When this happens, the CU400 cuts off power supply to prevent overvoltage conditions from occurring. To ensure efficient clamping functionality, the CU400 unit must be connected directly to the DC side of the converter. This configuration is typically required in case of electromagnets installed on bridge cranes.

– Keypad
– Keypad remoting kit (5-metre distance)
– RS232/485 interface, MODBUS RTU communications protocol
– Communications boards: Profibus DP, DeviceNet, InterBus, CANopen, ControlNet, Ethernet+IT, Lonworks, etc.
– IP20 protection kit
– Input inductors
– Additional input EMC filter, class B
– Kit for heatsink segregation
– Fast fuses
– Clamping unit CU400 for electromagnets

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