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Supply voltages and power range

400 ÷ 800 Vdc
30 kVA ÷ 200 kVA

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High power density ADB401S inverter is the perfect drive for heavy hybrid or full electric vehicles for both on-highway and off-highway applications such as agricultural trucks, busses, material handling and construction equipment.
ADB401S can drive asynchronous and PMM motors.
This is the third generation of drives for electric tractions, we started in 1998 : the fleet of busses we realized between 1998 and 2002 are still on road with a total of 18+ million kilometers run so far.

– Extremely compact and robust, cast aluminum enclosure.
– Designed for harsh conditions and heavy operation.
– Withstands heavy shocks and vibration
– IP67 protection degree – >98% efficiency
– Liquid cooled
– Wide range of integrated protections
– Output frequency regulation 0 ÷ 599 Hz.
– Field weaking control
– CAN bus control interface
– Certified Safe Torque Off (STO)
– Easy to use and commissioning: it shares the same set of parameters and programming tools of the SINUS PENTA series, the technical assistance centers of Enertronica Santerno will support the clients worldwide.