Company Profile

Enertronica Santerno S.p.A. is a company listed on the Milan Stock Exchange, operating in the energy and power electronics sectors. Our mission is to create value for our stakeholders by adopting a modern and eco-sustainable approach.

The merger by incorporation made in 2019 between Enertronica S.p.A. and Elettronica Santerno S.p.A. has created a new industrial entity, both versatile and vertically integrated into power electronics and renewable energy sectors: a multinational corporation now boasting a comprehensive suite of skills acquired over 50 years of activity.

Our Group is a leader manufacturer of motor drives and inverters for applications in the Industrial Automation and the Solar Energy industries. Our remarkable primacies include, among others, being the first Italian player with a global installed capacity of 12+ GW.

In Enertronica Santerno we develop our own projects in a totally independent way, thanks to our proprietary patents based on the most advanced technology, which is the result of constantly investing in research and closely collaborating with the most authoritative European scientific institutes and the most important Italian universities.

Quality and versatility are the strengths of each single activity in Enertronica Santerno, standing out as your reliable partner in delivering products and services, developing technologically innovative solutions, and always offering the highest efficiency levels.